I remember when i was ca. 8 years old, i came one day home from school and as i wanted to enter our House, my sister Therese Aebi and 4-5 Girlfriends standing in front of the Door and blocking the entry….my sister said loud to me “now we will make a criminal out of you”…..i was used to this embaracements from my sister and dident pay attention …….my sister have obviosley desidet at this time to form a group (terroristgroup) to embarace/blackmail me when ever they feel like…and they liked often…. the hassel and embarassements followed me for Years…..


As i was ca.17 Years old i had a Rootinfection on my upper Frontteeth and my sister recomended a Dentist ,a Friend of here Dr.dent.Kueng in Schaffhausen (our Hometown).he desidet the tooth cant be saved and has to be replaced….the treatment was somewhat strange and i was happy to complete the sessions and get out after paying a unbelivible SFR.2400.–….
Today i belive that there was the first Implant planted in my Body…..


Years later ,i was living in the Town of Zuerich (i was ca.29 Years old) while i tried to bite of the Insulation of a Loudspeekercable a Teeth broke off and quickly somone recommendet a Dentist…good and cheap….The Dentist (i learned later,lived in the same Village (Regensberg then a Cousin of me) replaced my tooth in again uncomfortable and strange sessions……The cost a unbeliveabel 3000,–SFR……
Today i now that there was placed a second Implant in my Body.


I was 31/32 Years old and borrowed the Car (FIAT 500) of a “Friend” to go to work…..on a Traficlight on Badenerstreet in Zuerich as i get the Greenlight and drove, a Deliveryvan broke the Redlight on his sind and crasht in my Car….i was taken in a Ambulance to the Triemlihosoital for minor Injuries…the Car was a wrightoff…….i just remember that i was standing in front of this hospital and did not now how long i was in there,no paperwork,no further checkups,no explenations…….
A few days later i went to the District Attorney to file charges against the Driver…..the District Attorney refused to take my report and rufft me up…..i left…..
Today i now that there an other illegal Implant was placed in my Body….


In 1995 i was in Trinidad and workt on a Boat with a Handsidegrinder on a piece off Steel as i felt something in my Eye….after a few days pain i was refered to a Optometrist/Eyedoctor and was further refered to another Eyedoctor to remove the Splitt in my Eye…..The Doctor was in a Shopingmall in the 3 floor…i was expected and sent in a Room and the secretary appologised “The Doctor just started his Praxice”…the Room was a dusty storageroom and inbetwin Catonboxes a strange looking Chair,no Tables,no Watersink,no Assistent…just a dusty Room.with cartonboxes and hardly light…..The Doctor told me that he has to cut up my Eye to remove the objekt….. i paid 30USDollar and left…..
Today i now that there another Implant was placed in my Body……


In the 70this the Swiss Governement was approched by the White South African Governement to find ways to manipulate,sickening,Killing the Black/Coulored majority to keep them under controll….The “Contract” was given to the Swiss Governement owned Weapon Technology Factory “RUAG” (still existing) ..but there was a Whistleblower and the whole “THING” went public……The Swiss Governement stoppt all Pressreleases and the “THING” (scandal) was off form the Public in a few days (Pressmanipulation by force)….(Nothing can stain the Propagandamachine)
The Swiss Governement have obviosly not stopt the further developement of the system and us it now on there own People….Policeforce,Socialdepartment,Youthprisons, Military etc…etc.. over there Governement owned Satellite.

In oktober 2011 i watched, the Swiss Governement appologised officialy on the Swiss TV to the Public for illegaly imprisonment of People without a Courtcase (Uncomfortable People to there Families) and promised something like this will never happen again…?????????…The perfect Crime by the Swiss Governement ??!!??

This behavior can be found in endless examples ……Switzerland..oh Switzerland

Michael Aebi…..24/7 under bestialic torture by the Swiss Governement in Trinidad and Tobago

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